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I make web apps and web sites

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About me

I am a full-stack web developer and tech lead. I mostly work with Javascript, React, PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel, Vue.js, and Node.js.

I'm inside the top 3% of developers in the world according to Codersrank:

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For more, check my Linkedin profile.

What I do

I'm currently working for CKSource as Technical Lead in the CKEditor team.

Previously I worked as a full-time Front-End Technical Lead for HYD (formerly Mobile five). I do also have my own small web-dev business: Webastik.

In the past, I have also worked with these folks: Coderbyte, Xfive, In'SaneLab, underDEV, and WP Desk.

Certified, top 2% WordPress developers in the world

While ago I joined Codeable and became a certified Codeable expert.

Codeable profile


I am the first external developer ever whom plugins made into WP Desk, the biggest (and only) polish WooCommerce plugins marketplace.

Although I'm not actively developing nor maintaining these plugins, I'm an original author of the following ones: Google Merchant, Paczka w Ruchu.


I made an open-source plugin called WooCommerce Last Purchased. It's very old, but it's there.

While working for In'SaneLab, I made also LiveHelpNow Help Desk, a WordPress integration with LiveHelpNow chat and customer service products.


Yes, I am there.


Occasionally I do some speaking at various WordPress related events:

WordCamp Łódź 2019 (Workshops on theming in Sage 9):

Check workshops desctiption

WordCamp Łódź 2019

WordUp Trójmiasto 2019 (The Twelve Factor WordPress App):

WordUp Trójmiasto 2019

WordUp Poznań (Sage 9 in practice)

WordUp Poznań

WordUp Kraków 2018 (Sage 9 in practice)

WordUp Kraków 2018

WordUp Trójmiasto 2018 (Sage 9 introduction and ACF workflow):

WordUp Trójmiasto 2018

You can get slides from this prelection.