About me

I am a full-stack web developer, mostly working with PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel and Vue.js.

I live and work in Kraków, Poland.

I’m a huge fan of modern tools like Webpack, ES6, linters and all the other autmation stuff.

I love improving WordPress development and deployment processes.

WordPress ❤️
Sage ❤️
Bedrock ❤️
Docker ❤️

I made also a couple of projects in C#, including ones utilizing serial port, Modbus and Ethernet communication.

If something can be done automatically it should be done this way. Always.

Me, after making the same task again over and over.

Project initialization should take no more than one step, and no more than two minutes.

Me, after making hundreds of projects.

Work work work…

I’m working in my own company called Webastik, and I work as a freelancer for Xfive 🎉 and Mobile five 🎉.

In the past, I have also worked and with these folks: In’SaneLab and underDEV.


I am the first developer ever whom plugins made into WP Desk, biggest (and only) polish WooCommerce plugins marketplace.

Although I’m not actively developing nor maintaining these plugins, I’m an original author of following ones: Google Merchant, Paczka w Ruchu.


I made an open source plugin called WooCommerce Last Purchased. It’s quite old, but it’s there.

While working for In’SaneLab, I made also LiveHelpNow Help Desk, a WordPress integration with LiveHelpNow chat and customer service product.


Yes, I am there.


Occasionally I’m a speaker on WordUp’s like WordUp Trójmiasto in 2018:

Dawid Urbański. Od 8 lat pracuje wyłącznie z WordPressem. Głównie pisze wtyczki do WP i WooCommerce, oraz dedykowane…

Gepostet von WordUp Trójmiasto am Montag, 16. April 2018

You can get slides from this prelection here.

Oto nasz ostatni prelegent jutrzejszego spotkania z WordPressem: Dawid Urbański. Opowie o tworzeniu dedykowanych motywów…

Gepostet von WordUp Kraków am Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2019

Naszym kolejnym prelegentem jest Dawid Urbański – od blisko 10 lat zajmuje się web developmentem. Pracuje głównie z…

Gepostet von WordUp Trójmiasto am Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2019